International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Electronics, Computing and Communication (ICETECC) 2022

Keynote Speech on:
Chaotic Map Based Image Encryption

Traditional algorithms, such as Rivest Shamir Algorithm (RSA), Data Encryption Standard (DES), International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA), and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), are used for text encryption but cannot be utilised for multimedia encryption due to a number of reasons: 1. In general, multimedia data such as video, image, and audio are very vast in size, necessitating extensive computation times and expensive computer power when encrypting with typical algorithms. As a result, classical algorithms are unsuitable for real-time applications such as video conferencing and image surveillance, among others. 2. Due to their slow encryption and decryption speeds, traditional techniques may create significant latency in real-time applications. 3. Due to several intrinsic aspects of images, such as strong correlations among pixels and significant redundancy, video and image data encryption approaches differ from traditional algorithms. Due to aforementioned issues, chaos-based lightweight encryption algorithms can be implemented to tackle the problems of multimedia encryption.