International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Electronics, Computing and Communication (ICETECC) 2022

Keynote Speech on:
Innovations in Optical Signal Processing Technologies

In modern age, many advances have been supported with developments in the materials used for photonic devices, including the high-precision engineering methods required to create them. This includes new ways of processing silicon, which is still one of the most widely used materials for the creation of fiber optic cables. The term optical is not only related to fiber, this is misconception to many reader. The mostly commonly spoken terms about optical are Optical Fibers and Telecommunications Lasers, High-Power Lasers, Fiber Optic and etc. However, recently the optical processing technologies and there innovations have transformed the every domain e.g. Next-Generation Camera Technology, Optical Imaging and Sensing, Light communication, devices and many more. In this talk, the recent research developments with sustainable solutions for the efficient communication using optical signal processing and implementation of these innovations will be delivered.