International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Electronics, Computing and Communication (ICETECC) 2022

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The International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Electronics, Computing and Communication 2022


Sentiment Analysis on Hydroponic Technology Application for Urban Farming Limitations

Victor Q. Parillas Jr.1*; Jocelyn M. Berina2; Evelyn M. Baesa3; Edralin R. Raro3; Thelma D. Palaoag4;
1Divine Word College of Legazpi
2Baao Community College
3Camarines Norte State College
4University of the Cordilleras

The world is undergoing rapid change due to current events. The internet has become a fundamental necessity for everyone, with Web use in virtually every area. With the growth of social networking, people use these platforms to express their views on daily topics. Hydroponics can help urban agriculture operations when residents have limited land. Despite the benefits of a hydroponic technology, it is not widely used, even in urban areas. The researchers used Twitter to analyze hydroponic farmers' product sentiment. The data was gathered and evaluated using qualitative research methods and sentiment analysis. The tweets were gathered using the Tweepy Module and the keyword hydroponics. The gathered English tweets underwent tokenization, filtering, standardization, and segmentation. Valence Aware Dictionary for Sentiment Reasoning (VADER) was used to categorize the corpus. After scraping 6429 tweets, 5181 cleaned tweets were categorized as positive, negative, or neutral. Researchers used a pie chart and violin plot for output. Five hundred fifty-three tweets are negative, 2922 are positive, and 1706 are neutral. This result showed 56% liked hydroponic technology. 33% of neutrals liked hydroponics, while 11% disliked it. The hydroponic system has several advantages over conventional farming and some disadvantages. It is recommended that modern farmers be given hydroponic technology application awareness programs to maximize their benefits. Additional studies on hydroponic applications in different agricultural settings and crops are also needed to improve the technology's success rate.