International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Electronics, Computing and Communication (ICETECC) 2022

Keynote Speech on:
Increasing SoS dependability by DevOpsSeq

Dependability plays an increasing role mainly for complex systems. A dependable system is one that perform as required from customer points of view related to its functionality, usability, performance, reliability, maintainability, safety, security and availability, even in the presence of faults. Systems of Systems (SoS) dependability is an important concern nowadays when systems' interconectivity is driven by Internet and cybersecurity aspects should be more important. The new DevOpsSeq approach provides incremental development and fast deployment of components in order to be tested by the customer before the whole integration of SoS. The presentation will cover DevOpsSeQ principles, SoS types and characteristics, and Dependability of new SoS developed in DevOpsSeq approach.